Adriana Yamane

Like every child I used to cultivate my secret garden, the inner world which I wasn’t quite sure that I should share with the people around me. Some would say, “it’s too good to be true”, but my belief has always been that if something is not good, then it surely can’t be true.

To my delight, here at CarterPress I have found ears and eyes that would listen and see, and a friendship which is inspiring. I used to write for myself, but now I think I’m gladly opening to share my heart with all the world, a little bit at a time, with every story I write. Because I AM a storyteller. Thank you, CarterPress team, and especially thank You, Geri Williams. Your dedication is appreciated, and together we should be able to open doors to more and more wonderful worlds. New, wonderful friends are waving and smiling from within the magical golden leaves of our books. “Come”, they say, “come and touch the stardust that makes everything shine and glow right here, exactly where you are.”